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Carchargeport | PV mounting structure | Solar panels by MauiEcoBuilt
PV Power Buildings
Modular Buildings

Build Green. Build Smart.

With over twenty-years experience in building construction and installing renewable energy systems, Maui Eco Built provides Maui residents the opportunity to reduce or eliminate their fossile fuel consumption. Maui Eco Built offers a diverse array of custom solutions including electric car charge ports, solar powered buildings, and modular homes. All of our products produce minimal waste and feature high quality materials at a low cost and almost unheard of speed. 


Prefabricated BuildingKula Hawaii
Prefabricated building Makawaii Hawaii

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What Do Our Customers Say?
"We are very pleased with the work you have done. The artistic element in the design of our PV Power Building complements our home and is pleasingly aesthetic. Thank you for consulting with us through the design and building process and always listening to our input in the design process."
Bruce Glenn, Ph.D. and Meredith Moon, Ph. D.

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